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Instruction Guide MERUS™ audio amp HAT ZW: configuration
Hi all,

There is new intresting Amp released:  Infineon KIT_40W_AMP_HAT-ZW

Specs as on website:
  • Equipped with MERUSTM MA12070P proprietary multi-level amplifier

  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi Zero and Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless

  • Power input: 5V/2.5A - sourced from the same single supply as the Raspberry Pi

  • No need for external or extra power supplies

  • Up to 40W instantaneous peak output power with the Raspberry Pi official 5V/2.5A supply
Soon I will have a version to start testing. As it is not yet in the compatibility list, I was wondering what is the best approach:
1) As it is stated that the driver is supported within Raspbian, by adding dtoverlay=merus-amp  in config.txt. Shoul I install Rasbian and than start to install MOODE?
2) Install MOODE and try various DACs?
3) Any other methods?

The application note with respect to the SW is at: SW application note

Many thanks for your advise,



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