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Problem: Newbie Problems
Hi folks
I'm new to all this, so its been a steep learning curve.
My set up is MoOde 6.5.2 running on a Pi4B.
It all seems to function as it should and I can play music from NAS or SDCARD library sources, through an external USB DAC.

My first problem is with the UI.
If I play a track off an album, it stops after each track.
How do I play a whole album in one go?

The second is to do with Album Art.
when albums are listed down the left column (Library) there are no thumb nails.
When a track is playing and I click the monitor symbol, right side of the main playing bar, I get the large version of the album art in the centre of the screen, so the AA is being picked up.
I have no additional images, just the embedded Flac images (I believe that's how it works).
Is there any way to display the album thumb nails for browsing?

My file structure is:
Music/Genre/Artist/Album/track apart from the Classical Genre, which is Music/Genre/Composer/Album/track.
Single tracks are stored in the Artist or Composer folders.
This file structure is copied onto the NAS and SDCARD from my laptop, where both Windows Media Player and Groove Music pic up the thumb nails for browsing albums and even for single files.

Am I missing something obvious in the MoOde set up?

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