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Inconsistent Tag View behaviour.
Hacking the album search at the end of filterLib was clearly a horrible place to do it. When I click an album after clicking an artist things break. So I just changed the filterAlbums call to do a search by artist by using the songs then going back to the albums so it can find artists other than the album artist. Here's all the changes I made in a diff.

I still don't claim this is the most efficient way to do the song -> album via artist (not Album_Artist) search, nor to keep the full artist list sorted.

I also verified that album art issues in genre happen even without any of these mods.

diff scripts-library.js.orig scripts-library.js
<       var artist = (track.album_artist || track.artist).toLowerCase();
>       var artist = (track.artist || track.album_artist).toLowerCase();
<               acc[artist].artist = track.album_artist || track.artist;
>               acc[artist].artist = track.artist || track.album_artist;
>       filteredArtists.sort();
<               filteredAlbums = filteredAlbums.filter(filterByArtist);
<               filteredAlbumCovers = filteredAlbumCovers.filter(filterByArtist);
>               artistSongs = allSongs.filter(filterByArtist);
>               songKeys = => a.key)
>               filteredAlbums = filteredAlbums.filter(function(item){return songKeys.includes(keyAlbum(item));});
>               filteredAlbumCovers = filteredAlbumCovers.filter(function(item){return songKeys.includes(keyAlbum(item));});

I'll stop and leave you in peace now. Smile

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