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Inconsistent Tag View behaviour.
(09-14-2020, 01:41 AM)Tim Curtis Wrote: You would see album art if the genre had only one artist and the artist had only one album, otherwise you would see the Genre Name. At least thats how its supposed to work i.e if there is only one album in the list then show its cover.

Ah. Yes that is exactly how it works. And that's how it's working with my mods. More than 1 album shows the artist name.

Sorry, I don't use genre mode much and don't have a lot of artists with more than one album so I never caught the pattern until I got the second Lana Del Rey album to show up and the album art suddenly disappeared.

I think the mods are safe from repeating albums because your album list still only contains each album once, and the only way to make the compilation album to multiple artist connection is to go through the song list itself, which only happens if searching for a given artist. And if that "artist" is the compilation tag, it's still ok as that just finds the connections you have already stored in your album list. (Yes I've tried this case.)

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