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Accesspoint is sooooo SLOW (FIXED)
Hi All,

The slow speed was due to the fact MOODE was indexing the tracks, well thats my guess. I left it switched on when I left the house yesterday and when I got back, it was as fast as my Desktop PC, so far so good. So thanks Vinnn, its looking much better, well it works !!!!...

But has anyone had an issues with  the onscreen info and text size. My 5 inch smartphone screen is'nt big enough to read in a comfortable way whats on the main screen. Also I when I pick an artist, my fingers tend to cover two artists names not one. I guess I could use a stylus here, but it would be great if there could be a cutdown version, so that that MOODE would fit better on my 5 inch screen.

Still learning, but LOVE Moode, its quite amazing !...

However, its my first install and having looked in the forum for an answer, I'm still struggling to sort out the problem I have but hope someone has the answer(s).

Here's the thing. Moode works like a dream when connected on my network, (not via accesspoint) with my big PC screen. But when controlling Moode via the accesspoint with my smartphone, my lord is it SLOW. And I'm 100% convinced its NOT a Moode fault, I'm convinced its pilot error..I base this on the reading I have done on the forum and how pleased people are with it. So it works and works well.

My gut feeling is that my phone is'nt  fast/powerful enough  to handle the amount of information thats showing on screen, especially when scrolling/searching for an artist. The lag is unreal !

What I would prefer is just to just have the artist list displayed when choosing an artist, or album when choosing an album etc ( that will help with the processing) because at the moment it has the artists to the left of the screen, the dc cover to the right and tracks below, there is a lot of data there. Also, due to all this information on a 5 inch screen its almost impossible to choose the artist you want as the writing is so tiny to get all this on info on my screen.

I have looked at the appearance settings and saw that I can stop Genres from appearing, so I did that, but can't find how to stop the rest from appearing well, which I hope would resolve my problem. But I'd like the CD covers there when the album is playing.

There again, I might be wrong about my phone and if I am, I still would not be able to choose the artists from the list with any degree of comfort as my fingers cover at least two artists on the list at the same time as the onscreen text is so tiny. I hope not but maybe I have to use a tablet. 

So I'm in a quandary, any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thanks All

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