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Solved: Adding USB SSD Drives (FAT32) is driving my and my buddy nuts
Hi All,

- Allo boss DAC
- Pi2 (ARM v7)
- Main use; Spotify Connect and Connected to my network attached storage (USB drive connected to my router)
- Problem : I've a 256GB SSD formatted to FAT32 which I've been trying to add to the Pi directly via USB but to no avail. I've tried with Devmon and Glu ... but for Pi2 its actually Glu but still does not work... I've plugged in the drive to one of the 4 USB ports available on the Pi. 
- What we've done so far : Go to library, create ... chose samba ... scan .. there are a host of options, tried NAS (didn't work), tried EFI (didn't work) .. where do we check for the drive? it doesnt seem to appear anywhere in the UI.

- What we hope from the community - any kind soul that can assist to provide a step by step on what we need to do? the SSD work well playing for a PC or Laptop.



- set the option below in configure >> library to YES (automatically update MPD ...)
- create
- choose as SAMBA
- path select SCAN first .. once done, select pull down menu
- choose your disk!
- change the path manually if you need to
- id put as guest
- pwd leave empty (assuming no pwd on yourdrive)
- name : any name you want

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Adding USB SSD Drives (FAT32) is driving my and my buddy nuts - by boostbutt - 08-01-2020, 03:32 AM

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