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Possible substandard caps in my SMSL Sanskrit 10th MkII
I posted a picture of the internals of my MkII on the ASR forum. Today I received a reply that my unit has standard Panasonic CE caps, and his MkII has audio grade Nichicon gold FW caps. In the SMSL ad they describe "audio-specific capacitors" and "Fever-grade ingredients!". Purchased mine from the US Amazon SMSL Factory Store. I took the picture of mine and posted it, because I just don't trust these companies. Will dig a little more. To think it could sound even better?

Nichicon audio caps

Panasonic CE caps
Hardware: RPi3B+ | SMSL Sanskrit 10th MkII USB DAC (dual battery Aukey PB-Y14) | Icepower 500ASP monoblocks | Harbeth SHL5
Software: Moode 6.6.0 | SoX 32/384 VHQ multithread | MPD 0.22~git
Source: Win 10 NAS

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Possible substandard caps in my SMSL Sanskrit 10th MkII - by hifinet - 08-01-2020, 06:27 AM

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