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Solved: m3u with absolute paths
Hi all

I am trying to build some m3u playlists but while those with relative pathnames work, I can't make the ones with absolute paths work.

Example of file structure:

share name: "NAS" (samba)
Folder structure in samba:
+ Music
   + x1
   + x2

x1 and x2 are subfolders of "Music" and both are on the same level. One has the mp3 file one has the playlist.

I am trying to reference the mp3 file in the playlist using absolute paths. I tried these versions for the contents of playlist.m3u:




I can't get it to work. I see the playlist in the UI but when I try to play it nothing happens (empty queue).

Could anybody please let me know if this is possible and what format should I use? (the playlists will be generated by a script based on some criteria I will come up with and I prefer to have them in a different branch than the music so I cannot use relative paths because I have to go "up" in the folder structure at least once).


S Y S T E M   P A R A M E T E R S

moOde release = 6.5.2 2020-05-03
Raspbian OS = 10.3
Linux kernel = 4.19.115-v7l+ #1305
Platform = Pi-4B 4GB v1.1
Architecture = armv7l (32-bit)

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