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create playlist that resides in directory where files reside
My music files are on an NAS.  I've noticed that m3u and cue playing lists that already existed prior to my moving files to the NAS play just fine in Moode.  I figured out how to create playlists in 4.2 and discovered that they live on the SD card where the OS lives.  I've been trying to create a playlist that has all the songs by a single artist from a 3 CD compilation.  I created a Moode playlist without any trouble.  I tried using playlist creating software on my desktop machine to make one to place in the root directory of the compilation.  The root contains 3 subdirectories--CD!, CD2, and CD3.  My first effort failed.  I noticed that the slashes were PC flavor so I changed them to UNIX.  I tried changing the path of the files to /CD#/filename.  That didn't work either.  I've noticed that the existing playlists that do work don't span directories.  They live in the directory where the files are and don't include path information.  Is there a way I can create a playlist that spans directories that lives in a higher level directory?   I can envision circumstances where I want something reusable that includes several hours of music from disparate sources.  I'm OK with the Moode playlist unless I create a lot of them.   More than one screen would be inconvenient.  Here's a short example that doesn't work.  The playlist exists in the directory that contains the directories referenced in the playlist.  :  

/CD1/06. Baby Boy Warren - My Special Friend Blues.mp3
/CD1/07. Baby Boy Warren - Nervy Woman Blues.mp3
/CD1/19. Baby Boy Warren - Lonesome Cabin Blues.mp3
/CD1/20. Baby Boy Warren - Don't Want No Skinny Woman.mp3
/CD1/26. Baby Boy Warren - Taxi Driver Blues.mp3
/CD1/27. Baby Boy Warren - Bad Lover Blues.mp3
/CD2/07. Baby Boy Warren - Forgive Me Darling.mp3
/CD2/08. Baby Boy Warren - Please Don't Think I'm Nosey.mp3
/CD2/15. Baby Boy Warren - I Got Lucky.mp3
/CD2/16. Baby Boy Warren - Let's Renew Our Love.mp3
/CD2/24. Baby Boy Warren - Mattie Mae.mp3
/CD2/25. Baby Boy Warren - Santa Fe.mp3
/CD3/01. Baby Boy Warren - Somebody Put Bad Luck On Me.mp3
/CD3/02. Baby Boy Warren - Stop Breaking Down.mp3
/CD3/17. Baby Boy Warren - Chuck-A-Luck (Or Chicken).mp3
/CD3/18. Baby Boy Warren - Baby Boy Blues.mp3

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