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Instruction Guide MP3 Playlist Creation
Forgive my ignorance, but I'm having trouble creating a playlist for my mp3 files.

I've copied them to /var/lib/mpd/music/SDCARD. I'm aware the playlist are stored /var/lib/mpd/playlists.  I just have Default Playlist.m3u in that directory currently. The file is blank though.  I removed the radio stations that were added by default on a new Moode 4.2 build on my PiZeroW as my application will never require radio stations.

When I use my browser on Windows PC, the Music tab shows my Music Library. I can right click the library and I'm given Add, Play, Clear/Play as options. If I choose add, all of my 100+ mp3 files show up in the Playback tab and I can play them without issue.

After I shutdown the Playback tab has been cleared. How do I make it permanent? My pi is used in the car with a DAC connecting Moode to my stock stereo's AUX port.   I've set Auto-Shuffle to ON, and Autoplay after start to ON. The idea is when I start the car Moode starts up and plays, and when I return to the car the playlist continues to shuffle.

I've checked online a bit and it seems I can create a m3u playlist using a text editor, but I'm not sure of the syntax Moode requires and would honestly prefer a more automated solution. Some mp3 file names are so long and I'm not that good at typing.  I'll make tons of mistakes for sure.  Even if I did make a playlist manually, does it reside in the playlist directory, or the same directory as the mp3 files?

Thanks in advance,

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