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Solved: BT problem with iMac
Hello to the team!

Let me say first, that ALL connections are working in moodeaudio 4.2 !
I can send to moode via DLNA, airplay, squeeze an BT. Also sending from moode to BT speakers and headphones. Perfect, thank you for the development!

Now my little problem: I have paired (NOT connected) my iMac and some other devices with moode.
After some minutes, the iMac automaticly connects to moode (not playing any audio) and -for shure- stops the music from for example DLNA.

Is that happens, 'htop' command shows a heavy load from all 4 cores (PI3). cat /var/log/mpd/log says that 'max connection reached' See screenshots.

I don't use the paired iMac for playing music, but I need it to wake up the iMac via the SSH 'l2ping' command when I will do a remote connection from outside of my home.

Are there any suggestions?

Thanks, and best regards



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