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Activating RPi 3B+ wifi for interface access
(09-21-2018, 09:41 PM)TheOldPresbyope Wrote: @Skip Pack

I'm assuming you really do mean SSID, i.e., you are trying to run your moOde player in AP mode. So is it configured to start up in AP mode? 
Thanks Kent, That helped. Following your suggestions, the SSID now shows up on my Android tablet and Android phone. In both cases, the browser will not connect saying that there is no response from the RPi. I reattached the lan cable and got an IP address from ifconfig, but entering that in the browser (as opposed to Moode). After rebooting with the cable disconnedted, both 'URL' bar entries failed the same way. One clue is that the entry for Moode in the list of available SSIDs says 'connected, no internet'. This suggests that the connection has the RPi acting as a client not a server.

Perhaps I haven't describe my goal well enough -- I want the Pi w/dac operating in a two node network where the other node is the tablet, using the Moode web interface. All the files will be on a thumb drive.

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