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hifiberry digi+ digital interpolation filter
(10-07-2018, 10:39 PM)I upgraded to v 4.3.  Just for the heck of it I tried it with the Digi +.  No more birdies.  I\ve wondered about a direct USB connection with the pi.  I've used it with my Android tablet with great results.  I ought to try it just to satisfy my curiosity.   rhizomusicosmos Wrote: The "birdies" you are hearing may be aliasing in the sub 20kHz (i.e. audible) band. As an experiment, you could try resampling everything with SoX to the maximum sample rate your setup supports and see if that eliminates any artefacts.

The DAC+ Pro I have is more prone to aliasing than other DACs I own but most of the artefacts  are above the audible band, though I did hear aliasing on tone sweeps when the tones themselves became inaudible. I have the normal Hifiberry Digi but haven't tested it.

I notice the SMSL AD18 has USB input. Have you tried connecting it to the RPi that way? This would bypass the Hifiberry and you could see if that sounds any better.

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