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moode 4.3 UPnP visibility issue
I'm using a Synology NAS as DigitalMediaServer and a 3 renderers: Linn Akurate DS and 2 RaspberryPi's (both with Moode 4.2) with DAC-hat's installed. I control the renderers with the BubbleDS app on several Android devices (tablets/phones). The 3 renderers all beautifully show up in BubbleDS and I can switch from one to another.

Today I added another renderer (Raspberry Pi) but now with Moode 4.3: now this renderer was not showing up in BubbleDS. Of course I activated UPnP under Configure -> Audio -> UPnP/DLNA and gave the new renderer a 'friendly name' but still no discovery by BubbleDS.

After some searching I found a (probably) typo in the file etc\upmpdcli.conf: The third line of the 'Tidal configuration' is not commented:

# tidaluser = 
# tidalpass = 
tidalquality = low

If you comment the third line using a hash-sign (#), the new renderer shows up in BubbleDS.

# tidaluser = 
# tidalpass = 
# tidalquality = low

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