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Troubles with cheap SATA to USB adaptor.

Since this tale of woe is all about your RPi3 and not moOde, I suggest you post it to the Raspberry Pi forum to see what the gurus of the Foundation have to say about their power circuitry.

It's not impossible to port moOde to another SBC family but the amount of heavy lifting involved first in the port and then in the maintenance of the port over time is not realistic given the level of support this project receives.

Even the music players which do run on different SBCs have varying levels of support. Take Volumio, for example. The binary download for Raspberry Pi is at version 2.502; for Odriod C1 and C2, version 2.344, 10 months behind the current version for Raspberry Pi. Surprise, there isn't any binary download at all for Odroid XU4. I think it's clear such ports exist only because some person decided to try and not because there is true ongoing multi-SBC work.

Just my two cents worth (and I own a multitude of SBCs including Odroid, a lovely little Cubox-i, a Wandboard, even a couple of "the C.H.I.P.").


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