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Copy database / backup
Ok, recent moOde player user here.  Tried a couple of players on the Pi and spend days trying to get BT working on the other builds and then I saw this gem and it worked in 10 minutes like it should, namely streaming to a BT speaker , just awesome Tim!

As I was looking for my 'issue' on the forum I saw a lot of useful stuff being placed.  Being a tech guy I also wanted to test a couple of things like I want to use this thing remotely where no mains is, so working on a powerbank/solar or so.  I tested this on a Pi Zero W running purely connected to power and the rest via BT and WIFI. During the build up of the database I measured around 0,8 Watts and when done and idle around 0,5 Watts, in 5 Volt terms that is approx 0.2A and 0.1A  
To be honest, that is laughably low and we should consider this device as being nature friendly. I'll probably end up using it in the summer on a solar panel.

Ok, now my question. As I have a couple of Pi's I first wanted to clone the sd-card but in the end that is not a good thing since if I connect it to another Nas or change anything on it I would have to fully clone it again.  
I think I saw a feature on Volumio to do a 'user or config backup'. Is there a way to copy the database from the scanned files from the NAS to another Pi?  As I am a complete Linux newbie I have no clue. 

Another thing which would be nice is if the equalizer worked on BT. Is that possible?   I have a couple of BT speakers which could use a bit of tuning to sound ok.

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