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How can I get root acces?

I'm trying to copy .jpg files (radio logos) to root fs/var/www/images/radio-logos.
Running Ubuntu on WMware-player (Windows 10), but I get a message "permission denied".

Read somewhere on the forum that I need "root access", how can I get this?

I'm not good at Linux, so please advise so even a newbie can understand.

Thank's in advance

By the way, I have the sd-card connected in a USB-reader.
I can reach the sd-card via the Ubuntu filemanager.
But as I mentioned, when I copy files I get "permission denied"

Maybe it's not possible to get access and copy with Ubuntu?
OK, I try another way.
Installed Putty on Windows
Connected to pi@, password moodeaudio and I got in.

What now?

I got the jpg-files on my PC and want to copy 10 different jpg-files to var/www/images/radio-logos

Can anyone help me with the commands?

Something like sudo cp, and then what?

I have been playing with putty and can see that I can not change directory to reach the var/www-folder.
That propably has to do with root access?

Please help with my newbie-struggle to copy files from PC to Moode.

I realy would like to have my added radiostations to show their thumbnails.

My files are on my Windows PC C://jpg/  (several .jpg files)
I would like to copy all of them to var/www/images/radio-logos/
Try copying them to /home/pi/ which is r/w and then from ssh do like

“sudo cp *.jpg /var/www/images/radio-logos/”

Minus the quotes of course.
Ok, copy step by step.
I will try that - thanks!

Thank's a lot Swizzle!

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