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Solved: Pi Touchscreen browser loop ?
Just attached the official Pi Touchscreen to a Raspberry Pi2b
All works fine and dandy though a tad slow....will try with a Pi3B later today.

However... whilst navigating the moode menu I must have accidentally touched the album art and was taken to a google search from which I could not return to the Moode way to close google and no back button and no onscreen keyboard ......
Am I missing something ?  (not a chrome user)

Is there a switch to disable the Google album lookup ?
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Just tap on the X that will be on the right side of the Browser tab at the top.
That did it this time...Smile !

First time I somehow closed the moode tab  ??? so no way back Sad

Is there a way to disable lookup ?  Setting this touchscreen up for less than computer savvy family members so the less rabbit holes the better..Smile
"Mediocrity is achievable. This may explain it's popularity." 
I thought you liked tech support ;-)

You could disable it by editing some code but there is really no way to disable it just for attached displays.


Search for the line below
$('#currentsong').html(genSearchUrl(MPD.json['artist'], MPD.json['title'], MPD.json['album']));

Comment it out then add this line below it
Thanks Tim !....I'll apply that global fix and place some quills and vellum beside the screen for the Luddites to note songs they wish to search further....Smile

Edit:... Surprising how much more responsive the touchscreen is with  Pi3B vs the Pi2B...

Also.... seems much more stable and possibly better SQ than other builds using i2c displays... not sure what's going on here but will test more...
Maybe resources on the i2c bus vs the Pi official display bus...????
"Mediocrity is achievable. This may explain it's popularity." 

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