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Solved: Close button not working in album view
Edit : click on album cover again (-_-)'

Hello again,

I just noticed that when in library "Albums" view, if I click on one album and then on the thumbnail displaying in the bottom panel, the album menu shows up, but clicking on "Close" does not close the panel, it seems to do...nothing (no error in console) Smile
Close just closes the menu. All the context menus have a universal Close item. This makes it easy to close the menus on the mobile layouts.
OK, sorry for misunderstanding.
So my next question is : do you think it would be easy and usefull to add a close panel button so we can see the album list in fullscreen, which is way better to look into hundreds of them ?
I'm not quite sure what you mean. You can maximize the Browser to full screen.
Just click on the highlighted album.

Ok my mess. Never come to mind... sorry Smile

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