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Cover Art
Maybe this is a repeat, sorry if it is.....

I noticed that when a song is playing and changes from an Internet radio station the artist name appears below the image.

If I hover of the name the "Google Search" selection appears.
If I click on the name it does a Google search of that name.
If I go to images in Google on the results I see cover art etc. for the selected artist.
Among those results are usually covers from discogs. 
Out of curiosity, I started including discogs after every name and the first results was always the discogs site with the artist cover etc.

Is it any way to leverage this to get artist images and other info the appear?

[Image: Screenshot-20190216113220-724x141_zps22cv4fta.png]

Thinking about this a little more, I was wondering if not only would it be possible to leverage the search for the image but also for any artist info....for example from Allmusic or some other source.

Or at the very least, instead of the "Google Search" option when I hover over the artist have a Icon under the radio image that I can click to directly search Allmusic, Discogs or 'other'?

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