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Plexamp Support
Hello - I've searched the forum but can't find anything which relates to this question.

Theoretically could I install Plexamp within Moode to give me the ability to throw my Plex library at my Moode player/s? It's the only missing functionality that I need to access my large PMS music server and stream around my house.

Sorry if this has already been addressed.

so, I attempted installing this tonight via the steps outlined in this post.

Step 2. was a little confusing - fortunately I had already installed a version of plexamp on my mac so I had a server.json file stored locally. I assume this holds the login details for my PMS server. I SFTP'd it to my pi otherwise I'm not sure how you'd complete this step.

Quote:Get a server.json file from existing Plexamp install, install in
. Sign out and back into your existing install to get a new identifier/token.

It seems to be working quite nicely with the Plex app on my Android device. This was all I really required - the ability to browse and play my remote music library using the app via my RPI2 + Hifiberry DAC. It has quiet a nice interface for playing music from the library.

[Image: jYhHV2U.png] [Image: 6yJfSUB.png]

Would this be something that could be implemented into Moode player natively? The ability to configure Plexamp via Moode UI would be awesome. Not to mention volume control + multi-room etc.

Have fun!

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