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Instruction Guide Adding radio station with logo to Moode
(09-15-2018, 11:48 AM)remy1961 Wrote:
(09-15-2018, 11:20 AM)j.j.p Wrote: Hi Tim,

I am a new moodeaudio user.
I can't see a microphone icon on RADIO tab to add new station...

What's wrong?

Hi. First you click on any radio station. You will see a menu. One of the menu item will be "create new station".
Thank you Remy !!
(08-27-2018, 08:13 PM)Wominator Wrote: Edit: Updates of MPD, Rescan of the Music Sources and Reset the Music Library didn't do the trick. Still the old logos, allthough they are deleted and replaced by other logos with same name. 

Oh, btw: Safari on iPhone 7 with newest iOS, Android, no problem:

You should probably clear the cache of your browser.

@hjheins  Thank you for the tutorial ! Very helpful !

A few comments though:
- if you use 'local' images, don't use .png, but use .jpg images instead (both in radio-logos, and in radio-logos/thumbs) otherwise it won't work
- for thumbs, you don't need to add an entry in the sqlite database, this is required only for 'art cover' on the playback page

I'm trying to follow the instructions, but I'm new to SSH.

I got so far that I instald Putty on my Windows 10 PC, loged in to moode with pi@ password moodaudio.

First problem, when I try to change directory and list files, I can see the var/www folder but I can not change directory to it.
Propably because I need root rights?
How can I get root rights?

Also I don't know how to make the right command for copying from PC in Putty?
Is it something like: sudo cp c://folder/*.* /var/www/images/radio-logos   ?

I tried different ways to copy files to moode, WinSCP but trying to copy I get "Permission denied"

So how can I get root rihgts and what is the corret command pointing from my PC to the radio-logos folder?

Thanks in advance
In my moode on raspberry, define a new Radio Station. I follow howto install icons. Copy the jpg's in radio-icons and thumb dir.
But it isn't showed in playback site! Press update DB or reboot no change...
It needs sqlite entries?
I'm running moOde 6.3.0. I wanted to add Radio Paradise's eclectic mix. Here's what I did:

From my PC running Windows 10 and Firefox I browsed to my moOde player, clicked the microphone icon to get to the radio stations screen. Click the '+' sign to add a new station.
Type the name of the station, and enter the stream URL, in this case I went to and chose the 320k Eclectic Mix stream. Right click on the stream name and choose "copy link location".
Paste that into the URL field in moOde's add station dialogue.

For the logo I saved the existing Radio Paradise logo from moOde and edited it in Photoshop to add "eclectic mix" to the logo and saved it under a different filename. I then cliicked on the Logo "Choose" button and selected the logo file. After updating the MPD Database the new station is there and working! Provided you have the correct stream URL this should work for any station I guess, and doesn't involve delving into moOde's innards.

(12-01-2019, 03:17 PM)duracell80 Wrote: It would be really helpful to lift the restriction on png images. JPEG's can't have transparency. Usecase would be knock out white logos where if the theme changed the background color of the logo could change too.

We don't need SVG, but not allowing PNG seems a bit crazy.

You would need to weigh the importance to users of the particular feature (transparency) with the effort required to add PNG as an allowable image type for Radio logos. I haven't looked at what might be required. Keep in mind that features compete with one another for limited developer time, and they compete with bug fixes and OS/kernel upgrades.

The relevant code blocks are
function importLogoImage(files) {
case 'setlogoimage': 
It uses the PHP Image functions

Adding stations w/logos is easy, just not bulk adding them cos there is no built-in feature to do bulk add/remove although it's been on the TODO list for a long time.

The enhancements you are working are super nice but our project is small and there is only a limited amount of dev resource to integrate things into the moOde code base and build UI's for them.

Fork and PR is best way to get these enhancements into the code base :-)
Hi moode family,

the idea to make your own station logos visible is much appreciated, but it is far to complicated when coding is necessary. It should better work like this: When yo put up the playback screen just drop the logo into the moode placeholder. It should work in a way that the logos do not get lost when you change the software. This is my personal wishlist for further improvement of my first place audio software Heart .

Best regards, Hanno
We love music.

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