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Poll: who else wants a 31 band eq for absolute control of accuracy.
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yes to a 31 band high quality eq
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no to a 31 band high quality eq
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Idea: id like to ask about a 31 band eq and more format options
i love the idea behind the project, since you said you have an eq, i was wondering if you guys could implement an accurate 31 band eq that extends all the way up to 20khz. As an example, Foobars eq is pretty good but not perfect, it has that 20khz option, however it doesnt have as many bands as id like it to have to optimize things perfectly. In the future, I'd rather not have to get a high end physical analog equalizer that would cost thousands more then the pi set up itself to have that fully transparent feature that sits in between the source and my amplifier, in order to get to the low level of distortion that the Orchard audio DAC has " copid from their website" Noise(THD+N): 0.0003% I probably have to make it myself to get an equal level, even if I make it to exacting standards it's going to add Distortion anyway, so I'd rather have an Incredible software rendered equalizer that puts others to shame. It would be an amazing feature to have in this program, im sure a lot of people would appreciate it. In the future im planning on possibly getting a pi 3 b+  with  that dac or their all in one pi streamer the specs are mind-boggling. it's not released yet it appears to better than most reference dacs especially because of the chip per Channel implementation hopefully it'll be under $1,200. It's peaked my interest. Out of all the software options you guys seem to be the best that they offer, with that said with those specs it'd be nice to have a 31 band equalizer for the software to take full advantage of it, even if it would take awhile to make. Also, if you haven't already it be cool to have support for ape audio, sacd iso images and apple lossless audio codec. Or possibly make it like Foobar in that you can put your own plugins into the program for whatever file playback you need on the fly that would be a pretty cool feature. I know I've requested a lot here but I feel like these little things would make this program truly stand out above everybody else especially because of the form factor of the pie, not even so much the individual plug-in manager idea but even just The Equalizer itself I haven't found a software option that has a 31 band accurate equalizer. Thank you very much for reading my ideas.
Dell alll..

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