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Questions about favorites
Maybe some of this stuff has been handled before, but it's past 1AM here and I have no intention of tiring myself out searching for it...nah!

You can click on "add to favorites" more than once, but still you cannot add the chosen song twice. Which maybe good, maybe not...
But my question is do you delete an entry from the favorites list?

Yes, the code prevents adding the same item twice which is a good thing :-)

To delete an item from Fav's or any other saved playlist you need to Clear/Add the playlist to the main Play queuet and do the maintenance there, then save it.

OK, got it. Not the most obvious way, but that's OK. It is actually a good way not to erase songs accidentally from your list...
Hello everybody, it is my first post on that forum.
Te best way I found is to edit the playlist.
Accessing the playlist is possible for example from Windows using SMB Share \\moode.local\Playlists\ and then you can edit the files containig list of favorites.
In my case using Clear/Add button is not giving any possibility to remove accidentally added item from playlist.
it will be good, to make small correction in Moode code to improve removing of unwanted items from the lists.
Alternatively is to access the files on the Moode card/disk via SSH client end edit the files in the location: /var/lib/mpd/playlists.

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