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How to run other applications accessing sound devices?
Hi there,

I currently have a couple of moode players in my home and I'm also playing around with (voice assistant).

It would make sense to have this on the same Rasperry PIs as they are positioned well and would make a great

However, I'm not sure if this works or if it will cause problems - did anyone maybe try this?
if I try to run it I keep getting this output:

My questions are:

a) I don't see an asound.conf or asoundrc file, people reported that specifying the cards in there fixes the errors.
How does moode handle this?

b) If I, theoretically, get it to run - is it even possible to run this in parallel?

c) If not, would it work with a standard Raspian Image where I install moode and snips afterwards?

Thank you for your help
can anyone help me?
(03-19-2019, 06:41 PM)chbla Wrote: can anyone help me?

I can speak only for myself.

1. I know nothing whatever about

2. I don't understand what you are trying to accomplish by running and moOde Audio Player side-by-side.

3. moOdeOS and moOde Audio Player are designed to work as a harmonious whole with the expectation that they are in control of the Linux audio system.

I suppose it's possible that someone lurking in this forum can help but I think you would have better luck asking your questions on the forum. I wouldn't ask there specifically about and moOde, but about and MPD. Keep in mind that any recommendation made there regarding mpd.conf may conflict with moOde.

I also think it would be simpler to just get another RPi for your experiments with YMMV.

Just my two cents worth. 

Thanks for the reply Kent,

I understand it is easier to just run a separate Pi for the assistant. However, honestly if I have
a multi room audio setup with perfect speaker placement etc, it bothers me to not be
able to run my voice assistant there as well.

From my perspective this would totally make sense.
The other point is I don't want to waste resources, it's simply overkill to have 2 RPis in
6 rooms while it is not needed and technically should be possible...

But that's just my point of view... and I of course understand the benefits of providing a complete

Anyway, is there any way to install Moode on an existing distribution? I think this was possible in earlier
days, would it help anything?

I'm not very familiar with the linux sound systems, should Snips use MPD then instead, or how would that work
in an ideal world (theoretically)?

You still haven't said what you want to accomplish with If what you have in mind is to replicate an Alexa-based Amazon Echo or a Google Assistant-based Home Smart Speaker using moOde, an RPi, your audio setup, and a microphone, then you have your work cut out for you. It's not impossible but it takes some programming chops. You have to deal with audio in/out and with command/control.

If you are "not very familiar with the linux sound systems" then you first need to do your homework regarding the advanced linux sound architecture (ALSA). Then you can read the moOde source code to see how it uses the ALSA subsystem by way of the music player daemon (MPD) or several alternative renderers. Pay attention to how moOde configuration panels can change the specifics.

Now you'll be in a position to figure out how you want to make and moOde play together in the same "audio sandbox". If you want actually to control moOde using then you also have to understand the API and the moOde/MPD APIs and write the glue code that makes it happen.

As for building moOde on some other distro, see moOde's github site for source code. In particular, read and understand the build recipe. From first to last, this recipe addresses only the use of Raspbian to build a moOde binary which combines moOdeOS (a customized Raspbian) and the moOde player. You'll have to interpret the recipe liberally to build the moOde player on some other software distro. Expect bumps and detours along the road.

I don't know what you don't know so I'm trying, perhaps too pedantically, to sketch the whole picture. It's up to you to fill in all the dots.


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