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Idea: bluetooth connection Sound
Hi i am new here my name is Stefan. I have a some idea when i connect a bluetooth device i want to hera a connection sound. and on teh disconnect also.
Is there a posible way to do this. I am open to any suggestions
It could be added but doesn't the client that u are connecting already indicate "Connected"after successfully connecting?
I have a JBL Flip2 Bluetooth speaker which, irrespective of its volume setting, bleeps and bloops loudly when it goes into scan mode and when it connects. I dislike this intensely. YMMV.

My Anker speaker does same and its kind of annoying especially since it also has a blue LED that goes solid when connected.

There have been a couple of requests for chimes for example a "Ready" chime when moOde has completed its startup sequence after boot And a "Shutdown" chime when it finishes its shutdown sequence . Bluetooth might the only other candidate for chimes.
Hi there, I have add a aplay command on my rc.local file to play a Sound when the boot sequenze is Finished.

about the Bluetooth Sound is tha a plan for a future release of Moode?

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