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Idea: #ABCDE....
Hey guys,

The Alpha index scroll is a great help in finding albums/artists.
However, something's missing... I have quite a number of albums of artists that start with a number instead of a letter. I understand that for small displays you have to make a selection of letters, but for larger screens, can you please add something like a zero or a hashtag, or whatever to select artists like 10cc, 4 Non Blonds, 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor...
When I just click on the 'A' I still have to scroll up to see the first albums in my collection.

Now that you mention it I see same thing. Maybe @swizzle will have some thoughts on this.
Thx Johan, @swizzle added the "#" to the alphabits feature. Tapping it does a simple scroll to top :-)
Cool. Thx guys. Hope you're happy with the monthly contribution :-)

Thanks for your support, the moOde crew really appreciates it :-)

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