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Sync moOde 5 RC1 HTTP stream
Hey together,

great work for moOde 5. Love it already. Installing was easy, Settings also, Wonderful work.

Now I have a Question: Is there a way to syncronice the MPD HTTP stream? I like to use 1 MoOde Player as master (near my bar), another as slave (in kitchen) and a Computer with VLC Player in my Living room. All 3 should Play the exact same Sound Frame. Is this possible at the Moment or will it ever be possible?
Not possible ATM with moOde.

The problem with MPD based systems like moOde is that the MPD protocol itself does not include multi-room sync audio capability and thus a 3rd party sync-server has to be used. In this configuration MPD outputs via a pipe to the sync server which becomes the player for both local and remote playback. From what I've seen this is not a robust/reliable scheme.

The right way to do it is to build the capability directly into the MPD core protocol. This is how it's done in other systems for example LMS/Squeezelite, iTunes/Airplay, Sonos, Roon etc. This approach delivers the robustness and reliability that are necessary for multi-room sync audio.

It's a very challenging task but maybe someday a dev will develop an MPD plugin and then all we will need to do is specify a list of remote MPD hosts in mpd.conf and enjoy the sync :-)

Thanks for the information, Tim Smile
Then I am going to use some wires to connect each other Wink

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