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Upgrading librespot for bugfix?
Hi there,

I noticed that the latest version includes a librespot version that has a bug and does not allow to change

See my ticket here:

Is it possible to upgrade librespot to a more recent version?
Or how could I do this manually?

Thank you,
moOde 5 version of librespot includes all Feb 22 commits up to and including daeeeaa122fc2d71edf11e562e23038db4210b39. The issue you posted was a Feb 22 commit just before this one.
@Tim Curtis it seems as major upgrades are not possible with the interface, is that correct?
Do I need to download a new image?

Edit: I saw 5 is not released yet, are there images anywhere?

Edit: Forget the above, Moode 5.0 is now available!

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