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Problem: Library views vanish
I have my music on USB key plug to the raspberry. No problems.

But if i removed the stereo test file from SDCARD and update SDCARD folder (or regen MPD database), then my library (album by artists and genre/artists/album views) vanish (empty). I can still add and play my music with the folder view.

After more tests, the library come back only if i have at least 1 title on SDCARD (like the stereo test fiile) or on NAS. If my music is exclusively on USB, then library views vanish. 

Im using moOde 5.1.

Steps to reproduce:
- Music files on USB device plug to raspberry.
- Delete all music files from SDCARD and NAS.
- Regen MPD Database
- Refresh
- Library empty
Just a heads up for this problem Smile

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