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Idea: Kali & Piano 2.1 channel imbalance in dual mono mode.
Finally had some spare time to test and troubleshoot this .....

Tim,  in the Chip/Device Options when Analog gain is set to -6dB this is applied to only one(Main) of the 2 dac chips .

Consequently if Dual mono is selected the left channel (Main dac) is -6dB down vs the right channel ("sub-woofer" dac)

In order to operate my amp in it's 'sweet spot' (and prevent huge volume shocks  when changing input sources !) I need the -6dB set for both dacs to be able to use Dual mono...
Could this be a moOde settable value ? or is it part of the Kali/Piano 2.1 firmware package ?

(I have a question in with Allo on this )

Hi Bob,

Its prolly a driver issue. moOde just sets the ALSA values below. They also appear in Alsamixer.

Analogue Playback Boost
DSP Program
I can re-balance using the alsa L/R volume settings but can't make it stick over reboots.

sudo alsactl store
Doesn't save nor does appending the card number from
aplay -l

so this doesn't work either.
sudo alsactl store 1
Any pointer to save alsa settings ??

Also found the filter setting seems to be for the first Dac only too  but that can be worked round by resampling to 32/384 and bypassing the filter for both Dacs.

Allo seem to have a flexible notion of time... Wink  their "we will reply to your enquiry within 48 hours" has stretched to 96 hours and

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