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Problem: Characters with accents in DTS files
@All: then I assume I will have to wait until the MPD guys come to a consensus :-)
I can of course always convert them but then I think I will loose some "punch" from the DTS effects...

Thx anyway!

Interesting. I believe the ffmpeg plugin is responsible for parsing WAV format. It's not something I'm able to debug...
The upcoming mpd 0.22 version has a new ffmpeg plugin, maybe it will do the trick.

ver 0.22 (not yet released)
* protocol
 - "findadd"/"searchadd"/"searchaddpl" support the "sort" and
   "window" parameters
* input
 - ffmpeg: allow partial reads
* filter
 - ffmpeg: new plugin based on FFmpeg's libavfilter library
- hdcd: new plugin based on FFmpeg's "af_hdcd" for HDCD playback

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