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Idea: Artist/Station filter - AlbumArtist Tag
Hey Tim,

Could the filter use the AlbumArtist tag instead of Artist tag if AlbumArtist is selected in library ordering option ?
This is for tracks that have like “Drake ft. Someone” as the artist?
It's not really a matter of which tag is chosen. As Johan posted earlier the concept is to click on the "Artist - Album" text element on the Playback screen and then have it switch to Tag view and perform the same search as if you had typed in the search term by hand.

The general search in the Library Tag and Album views performs a search of the albums list. Each item in the albums list contains the album name which is displayed and the artist name which is hidden. This is why for example if you search for "queen" it will find all items with the word "queen in the album or artist names.

If there were a way to derive the right search term from the "Artist - Album" text element then a general search could be performed. I couldn't see a way to do this so I implemented the feature differently and simply used the value of the Artist tag to find the matching name in the artists list and then perform a click on that artist to display the albums.
I think Artist is almost always be the right choice rather than replicating the library filter as you’re searching for this particular artist rather than any artist with a similar name but there’s a trend in some modern songwriting to add a contributing guest artist to the artist tag which would make a search using Artist not very helpful. In that context AlbumArtist would be better but not always, like if you’re listening to a compilation album you’d probably prefer to search for the artist that is performing that song rather than “Various Artists”. I was just curious if the “someone ft. someone else” artist tagging was the reason for the request.
Thank you for explanation, i was indeed refering to the FEAT thing, with the Queen example:

ARTIST: Queen Feat. David Bowie
TITLE: Under Pressure
ALBUM: Hot Space

If i play the title, and click on Artist - Album, then the tag view will find nothing since my library is ordering to ALBUMARTIST (and if i type manually on the search box Queen Feat. David Bowie, it show nothing aswell, normal)

By using ALBUMARTIST tag to do the research (when i click on Artist - Album on playback), it should find Queen artist in my case.

But Swizzle make a good point with compilations. So it's maybe not an optimal solution.

EDIT: Maybe the VARIOUS ARTIST string could be an exception (it's pretty standard) ? Like, if ALBUMARTIST tag == VARIOUS ARTIST, then use ARTIST tag.
What you are trying to accomplish is essentially a structured database query without the presence of a database. There's no semantic model supporting the various metadata types and their contents are not structured in any meaningful way. Heck, the major metadata schemes (ID3v2, Vorbis comments, APEv2, iTunes, etc) don't even agree on what to name the tag types let alone on what their contents should be.

It would be a miracle if the metadata contained in my music collection exactly matched yours.

And then to top it off, all the goodness of the various schemes is filtered through MPD's plugins into its single list of "tags".

I think allowing the user to choose either Artist or AlbumArtist is as good as this feature is going to get.

Yeah you're probably right, it's not very important anyway, i just thought it make sense.

I tried to edit script-panel.js (line 693) with that:
$("#artistsList li .lib-entry:contains('" + MPD.json['albumartist'] + "')").click();
But no luck Tongue

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