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Idea: Resorting the playlist with drag and drop

at first I have to say thank you for the really great work! I am new with Moode and its very simple to use.

But one thing is a litte bit unfamiliar to handle it. The resorting of the playlist is by most apps with drag and drop
possible. Is there any way to do this here too?
Some have an "edit-mode" and after that you can move the songs, or take a long click and after that it is 
possible to move.

I look forward to your reply  Smile

Best regards!
The challenge with drag/drop is how to implement it on Touch devices.
Today I tried it with the touch display and with the menu to move a song it is not possible to hit the small buttons...

Is there really no way to handle it on touch displays? On other devices it is possible to switch to the edit mode and then you
can drag and drop one song by long touching it.
Of course the up/down control for the input field is meant for desktop/mouse but touch devices have virtual keyboards and thats what you would use to enter the value directly.

If you are using a locally attached touch display for example a Pi 7" Touch then you should install a virtual keyboard. The moOde Build recipe has instructions for this. See COMPONENT 8 - Local UI display, Step 4d.

@swizzle might comment on drag/drop for Touch devices.
The problem isn’t so much drag & drop it’s how to handle it with more items than fit on the screen. I’ve never used a great implementation of that in a list control and that includes on the desktop where you’re not limited by web design limitations. 

Maybe we could do something like cut/paste where you enter a mode where you select items by tapping/clicking and then “cut” them (to a temporary list) and you tap the ellipsis menu of the item where you want to insert them. The caveat is that the current method is useful for clearing out a lot of songs, and the cut/paste model really isn’t.
The cut and paste sounds good! Thanks for your replies.
First I try the virtual keyboard but in my opinion is this the only uncomfortable point from a very good system.

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