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Shanti Dual LPS 5V/3A , 5V/1.5A (by allo)
Hello ladies and gents.

Music and linear power supply has been always a good match . The main problems of LPS is extremely inflated pricing and no data.

You see not all LPSes are equal . Just using a transformer will not automatically give you a better PSU. Worst is that most of manufacturers include no testing . no data that can help chose one.

We mean to change that.

First we started with the transformer . There are many types of transformer , some are worst than others (noise coupling , electromagnetic interference)

We chose one of the best transformers for noise ,r-core

The transformer has a dual output (galvanically isolated ) so you can power multiple devices (RPI + dac , Katana , etc) and we used independent (of course since they are isolated) filtering on each rail. First a capacitance bank (massive) to reduce the 50/60Hz noise , then a active filter , fallowed by an LDO to keep voltage stable . Since LDOs have poor transient and impedance , we used a last active filter (with good transient) and then capacitance but most importantly , super capacitors on the output . So all power comes in fact from supercaps..So yes , transients and impedance of the LPS is..good.

Of course , Shanti includes AC line filter and AC is earthed to casing.

A few words on what we achieved . Measuring noise (in real word scenario) we see about 80nV (0.08uV of noise from 0-20Khz at the floor of our AP machine. This is comparable to batteries from our internal testing .

As explained , Shanti is not only shining because of the ultra low differential noise, but also because of incredible low impedance / deep reservoir of electrons at the output of the PSU ( thx you soundcheck for your suggestions )

At last ... pricing . We are working very hard to make this LPS the lowest priced on the market . All components are on the way , it will take a few weeks to start accepting orders. Questions and comments are welcomed.

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