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[iOS] [HOW-TO] Voice Control with Siri Shortcuts
With iOS 12, Apple extended the capabilities of its Shortcuts app by integrating it with Siri. We can use our voice to send commands over SSH to our moOde players.
This is a quick demonstration tutorial on how to set up the app to send basic control commands but much more can be done.

Requirements: Setting up a command:
We will be setting up a voice-controlled shortcut to start the music on our moOde install.

1. Create a new shortcut:

[Image: IMG-0183.jpg]
[Image: IMG-0184.png]

2. Search for SSH in the search bar at the bottom of the screen and select it:

[Image: IMG-0185.png]

3. Give the shortcut the information it needs to set up a SSH connection:

Host: the ip-address of your moOde player or its network name
User: pi
Password: the password you set for the pi user

In the script field, type this:
mpc play

At this point you can run the shortcut to test whether it works.

4. Set up voice control:

In the top right, tap the slider button to open your shortcut's settings. Tap "Add to Siri". Record a phrase that Siri will interpret as your shortcut. I picked "Play some music".
Note: Siri Shortcuts override Siri's native controls. Were it not for the shortcut, my phrase would have Siri play some music from Apple Music on my iPhone's Music app. 
[Image: IMG-0189.png]
[Image: IMG-0188.png]
5. Name your shortcut and give it an icon:

While still in the settings menu, choose a name, colour and icon for your shortcut.

[Image: IMG-0186.png]

Other useful commands:

"Pause the music":
mpc pause

"Play the previous track":
mpc prev

"Skip this track":
mpc next

"Mute the music"
/var/www/ mute

"Play my favourites":
mpc clear
mpc load "Favorites"
mpc play


I confess I had a little trouble navigating all your screen captures (I'm a lexical kinda guy) but this worked first time on my iPad.


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