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Problem: Had to revert back to 5.0 for UPnP Client to work
I mainly listen to music by using UPnP from my music library managed by Jriver software.

Everything was fine in 5.1 and two days ago I did an insitu update to 5.2
Since that update music could only be played via the web interface... UPnP refused to play any sound.

I downloaded the 5.2 ISO image this evening and wrote that to the sdcard.  Exactly the same problem and this time I also noticed in the web interface that when showing the play screen with albumart, whenever I went to control the volume the browser window would change size and the vertical scrollbar would appear and the buttons change position (I use chrome fullscreen on a laptop)

Anyway, I couldn't find a 5.1 ISO image as I had also done that as an insitu upgrade, but I had the 5.0 ISO on my laptop.  I have written that back to the sdcard and hey presto, everything is working again with UPnP and the play screen doesnt jump about

Just thought I would share... looks like I will have to miss out on 5.2  and make sure I keep my 5.0 image hanging around
Thats odd. What Browser and on what OS?
This is similar to my issue, are you using a digione?
(05-16-2019, 09:04 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: Thats odd. What Browser and on what OS?

On the web browser issue in 5.2   - I use Google Chrome x64 on Windows 10

The jumping about behaviour works when browser is maximised or when operating in a draggable window

My laptop does have an odd native screen resolution of 1366 x 768  but seeing as it happens in a draggable windows I don't think that could be the issue

(05-16-2019, 10:52 PM)Botte Wrote: This is similar to my issue, are you using a digione?

I'm using an IQaudio DAC+ 

It's weird as I got no error messages in Jriver and Moode still appeared as a UPnP device.   Just no sound when using UPnP
I haven't had the UPnP problem, but I have seen this weird GUI issue with Chrome in Linux Mint on my laptop, but only when the window is maximized. It oscillates between two modes, one showing the vertical scrollbar and one not, with subtle changes in the panes. I attributed it to my laptop's particular resolution (1366x768) interacting with moOde's CSS. If I change the size of the window in any way, the effect goes away. I forget if I saw the effect in other browsers (Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi, etc.).

At the moment, I'm booted into Win10 on the same laptop and I don't see the effect with Chrome.

It's not just GUI.

Audirvana detects the UPnP renderer but cannot play. MConnect from IOS plays well via UPnP.

I do have the Digi One, but it sounds it's a general problem. If reverting to 5.1 solves the issue as reported, this is probably a Moode / MPD issue. Weird that it would work with some sources of UPnP and not others.

But my USB-connected RPi works OK. Maybe it's a combo of UPnP and i2s? The one that works is on WiFi, the one that doesn't is on Ethernet, but I doubt that is a place to look for issues.

I can only confirm that reverting back to 5.0 has resolved both my UPnP and GUI issues.

I can't test 5.1 as I never downloaded an ISO image and cannot find one online (my 5.1 had been an insitu upgrade within moode)
However, I suspect that 5.1 is also okay as my two issues only appeared when I went from 5.1 to 5.2
If possible, install kernel 4.19.34 or 4.19.42 on your 5.2 image and see if that resolves your issue.

Here are commands for installing various kernels.
# 4.19.42 (patch 413e9a2)
echo "y" | sudo PRUNE_MODULES=1 rpi-update 413e9a212ee40a0a2506b403915598a74a90f3ef

# 4.19.40 (moOde 5.2 default)
echo "y" | sudo PRUNE_MODULES=1 rpi-update 6cb1da772a8c56f44591bec904046b15f1126949

# 4.19.34 (moOde 5.0/1 default)
echo "y" | sudo PRUNE_MODULES=1 rpi-update 99c274691c07480762dcda91a0ebfe3c4f519307

# 4.14.98 (slightly later version than one used in moOde 4.4)
echo "y" | sudo PRUNE_MODULES=1 rpi-update a08ece3d48c3c40bf1b501772af9933249c11c5b

# cleanup
sudo rm -rf /lib/modules.bak
sudo rm -rf /boot.bak
sudo apt-get clean

sudo reboot
I hadn't realised that running update in 5.0 would take me to 5.1 (I thought it would just jump to 5.2).

So I can confirm that UPnP is working in 5.1 [proven]

(a) Onto a 5.1 to 5.2 upgrade, and.... yep no UPnP working.
(b) Reverted back to 4.19.34 kernel in 5.2 using Tim's script above... and UPnP is back and running <yay>

Unfortunately, the GUI issue has returned in 5.2 when I have Google Chrome maximised to my screen resolution of 1366 x 768. However, as indicated by Kent if I put Moode into a Chrome window on its own (using Chrome's Create Shortcut function) then it has no issue.
So something has happened to the CSS I suspect between 5.1 and 5.2

Anyway... I am happy again as I now have UPnP working and to be honest I listen to moode that way 90% of the time. Thanks Tim

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