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[HOW-TO] Spotify Connect Web for Moode
Friends, I have updated the instructions to show the 4.3 current release, so there should be less guessing and fetching exceptions here in this thread.

Installation should go a bit smoother with that.

Also, I have upped the Moode UI implementation to 'beta' status.

I have also added thanks to Platheo and ferdzb for their contribution in code that is now included in the instructions.

Now that Moode 4.3 already includes a Spotify Client, there should be a lot less demand for this procedure. Still, this still is useful if you want gapless playback.

Best regards,

in "Spotify Connect in Moode UI (beta)" section, can you explain how to
"Add the flow contained in: into Node-REd"

Thank you
It's a copy / paste of the contents of the flow into Node Red. You copy the entire flow, then go to the node red web interface and within the menu select "clipboard", then paste the contents and choose "new flow".

If you haven't used node red at all, perhaps following a very small how-to somewhere may help getting familiar with some of the concepts?

Thank you, I understand I was missing something. i will find a howto.
Rafa, is it possible to use the "update"-functionality within moode 4.2 without breaking the spotify-connect setup?
As long as you haven't implemented the UI overrides, and only the service avahi and spotify, I don't think there would be a problem.
I also upgraded from 4.3 and successfully restored the UI mod. 

Here's what I did:

- did a wget for spotifylib.js
- edited footer.php
- Reboot

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