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My psu hardware tweak
I have tweaked the rpi with different hardware stuff. I have attached a new clock from Newsclassd with a separate low noise psu. Then I have removed the onboard voltage regulator that perform the 1,8v and 3,3v for the ram and cpu. Instead I have made a low noise psu with a transformer from Toriody, rectifiers with snubber and 20.000uf Mundorf. To make the 5v, 3,3v and 1,8v I use extremely low noise regulators UWB2 from newclassd. Furthermore I have sat two 100uf  polymer caps on the raspberry near the 3,3v and 1,8v.
But how does it sound? – it sounds amazing. The psu tweaks with three voltage regulators is really good, and it’s clear to hear the improvement. If you have tried to attached a 5v lownoise psu directly at the gpio, then the next steps with removing the onboard regulator gives the same difference in improvement.
But then I’m not sure how much the clock replacement gives. It does give a bit in the top, but I don’t think the cost can justify that – mayby because all the psu improvement also give the best condition for the onboard clock and  pcu to perform.
But all in all I now have an extremely good streamer that can play along the best in the market ?

Super cool DIY :-)
(05-19-2019, 02:07 AM)Tim Curtis Wrote: Super cool DIY :-)

I have just build a light hacked version for a friend, which also sound great.....damm close my own extreme builded but much cheaper.
I havent' reclocked but just the psu tweak. I have used three lownoise regulators LT1963, and panasonic FC caps.


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Very nice!
(05-21-2019, 11:14 AM)andboe Wrote: Cheers

Any schematic / instructions? What is audio out for streaming? Thanks!

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