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Tidal play OK

Moode works very well with Tidal. It connects to Tidal acting as a uPnP / DLNA server and as a uPnP / DLNA client at the same time.

From mconnectLite for Android (free application) I select Moode as a uPnP server. I can see all the Tidal discs.

From mconnectLite I select Moode as a uPnP client and it plays lossless. I can close the mconnectLite application and turn off the phone and Moode non stop playing music. The movil non stream the music.

But you have to running mconnectLite if you want to play an entire disk or a list. It does not stop at the end of the song. Order to play the next.

The volume control is instantaneous. Much better control than Moode from the web. Plays at 44.1 / 16 without losses.

mconnect Player (€ 6.42) plays MQA. I think that only if the DAC decodes MQA. If the movil decode MQA, will have to send the audio in streaming from mobile by wifi, which is not interesting for the jitter added by wifi,  and mobile battery consumption.

I'm going to try this new version of Moode and if it's stable with Tidal I'll pay Tim Curtis a second time.

Thank you Tim.
Please administrator. Can you move the previous post to the Tidal thread. Thank you.
Where did you read that MQA is exclusive to the paid Player version? Online it suggests that it's only the removal of adds, plus remembering output device. There is no mention of MQA added functionality.

Can you please point me to the source of this info? Thanks.

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