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GUI buttons too small on 7" Touch
Hello there my name is Mark

I hope someone can help me, I want to know is it possible to change the GUI to something that works on a 7" touch screen, or revert to the original screen that looks like runeaudio etc.
 The current setup works perfect for a desktop, but the icons are far to small for finger operation.

Moode 5.1

Thanks in advance
@xyvyr ....that is not a particularly helpful reply. If you have links then post them. If you have information for the o/p then post it.

This thread is rather old now and the o/p seems not to have returned.

However, just in case...

@mark1evans   MoOde works fine on the Official RPI 7" touchscreen...(occasionally I have resorted to using one of those cheap stylus for phones... the sort with the soft 'foam' end. But that's more for my failing sight than anything else Smile... )

Have you tried MoOde on a touchscreen or are you checking before buying one ?
Hi Bob - @xyvyr is either a troll or spammer and has been purged :-)
Lol...yes.. Smile

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