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System Information: Error: database is locked
Hallo, ich bin absoluter Neuling und versuche die Thematik zu erlernen. Auf meinem Raspi verwende ich moOde 5.2 2019-05-07.

Aus welchen Gründen auch immer erhalte ich im Player folgende Meldung:

MPD error

Failed to decode; CURL failed: Could not resolve host:

Auch besteht keine Möglichkeit mehr, Spotify über den Raspi zu streamen.

Vielen Dank für Eure Unterstützung!
Please post in English language.
This is difficult for me. I translate it with google;-)

Hello, I am an absolute newcomer and try to learn the subject. On my Raspi I use moOde 5.2 2019-05-07.

For whatever reason I get the following message in the player:

MPD error

Failed to decode; CURL failed: Could not resolve host:

Also, there is no way to stream Spotify over the Raspi.

Thanks for your support!

After further research, I come to the conclusion that the cause is a Raspi update ... Could I be right?
WDR 1LIVE radio staton works fine on my end. I'd recommend updating to moOde 5.3. It includes a kernel fix that may resolve your issue.

moOde can act as a Spotofy Connect endpoint. Open Audio Config and turn on the Spotify renderer. It should show up as "Moode Spotify" in your client Spotify app.
Thank you very much; i'll try it.

Spotify works fine before.
I had to install moode on new, because there was shown no Update at In-Place Update; but now it works fine:-)

At the moment i have a further question: Is it necessary to update the raspi regularly?
I wouldn't recommend applying Raspbian OS updates unless there is a specific issue that is fixed by the update.
Thank you for your recommendation and thanks again for your support

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