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Solved: MPD error on Bluetooth connection
When I try to use bluetooth connection with BT speaker I get thus MPD error:

Failed to open "ALSA Bluetooth" [alsa];
Error opening ALSA device "btstream";
snd_pcm_hw_params () failed;
Invalid argument

I use Moodeaudio 5.3.1 (2019-06-12) on Rpi 3B with DAC/AMP Dion Audio Loco V2

Got paired and connected with BT speaker and set MPD output to Bluetooth.

Any idea?
What model Bluetooth Speaker?

Below is the help text in Audio Config for the MPD version field. If its set to 0.21.8 (Testing) then switch back to 0.20.23 (Default).

NOTE: MPD 0.21.y (Testing) is offered as an option for enthusiasts that want to test the newerseries. Known issues in the context of moOde include (1) Failure to output to Bluetooth speaker and (2) Distortion on DSD playback in certain scenarios.
The MPD database will be regenerated after switching versions.
Thanks for your reply.

Use MPD version 020.23 (default) already (read about the BT-issues using 021.8 on this forum)

MPD error on both Fresh & Rebel Rockbox Chunk and Denon Envaya, unfortunately no other model to test.
What audio format are you trying to play (m4a, flac, mp3...)?
You might want to try the hack at the end of this thread.
Use Moodeaudio primarily for radio, no local files so far.

Changing the sample rate to 16 bit/48khz on SoX Resampling did the job, no MPD error and sound on both BT-speakers.

Just asking if there's a relation between the input processing of each different radio station versus sample rate setting. Don't know if 16/48 will work for each station, will try.

Other remark: on both BT-speakers: I have first change MPD output from bluetooth > local before disconnecting BT speaker, other way around will freeze Moodeaudio GUI with "Bluetooth Actie" + name of BT-speaker on screen.

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