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Tidal - some songs not ending
Hi there,

I don't know if these issues are related to Moode, so please feel free to remove the post if it is out of place.

My setup is getting pretty well tuned in, so I'm happy about that! 

First thing : in the middle of a song or near the end (on Tidal only, no problem with local files), the song skips to the next one, which is pretty bothersome on some long songs with an anticipated crescendo near the end... Even if I restart the song, it could skip at the same spot. Only when I reboot the Raspberry Pi will it play the song completely.

Second thing : what would be the best way to play through all of my local files (3,000 songs) on shuffle?

Here's my setup if it changes anything :
Raspberry Pi 3B
Moode 5.3.1 (the same problem exists since 5.0 (the first version I installed)
BubbleUPnP server on Mac

Best regards,

Happens randomly to me as well using Qobuz on two different systems. Running 5.3.1. on both and iOS versions of Lumin and Linn Kazoo as my clients.

- Raspberry Pi 3 B+ (iFi iPower) > HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro > Schiit Bifrost (4490) > Schiit Lyr 2 > HiFiMan HE400i
- Raspberry Pi 3 A+ (iFi iPower) > Schiit FULLA 2 > Sennheiser HD 650

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