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Solved: artistsort
Hi all,

sorry, in case I simply did not understand this point:  I  hought that if the field "artistsort" or "albumsort" is populated, it would be used for sorting artist and albums. This does not work in my case  I am using moOde 5.3.1 2019-06-12 right now and the field "artissort" is always populated in my files (I use Musicbrainz). However, the artists are nevertheless sorted following the „artist“ tag, that is by first name-last name. Did I misunderstand something completely?


IIRC the tags were used in 5.0 but reverted in 5.1 due to some conflicts with other tags used in generating the Library Tag and Album views. View the release notes.

If you want to try a hack then see below.

In file /var/www/inc/playerlib.php, function GenLibrary() change

$libartist = $_SESSION['libartistcol'];


$libartist = 'ArtistSort';

// generate library {Genre1: {Artist1: {Album1: [{song1}, {song2}], Album2:...}, Artist2:...}, Genre2:...}
function genLibrary($flat) {
    $lib = array();

    // use Artist or AlbumArtist for the Artist column
    $libartist = $_SESSION['libartistcol'];
Thanks for the very quick answer! I just applied the changes and regenerated the database. It works perfectly!
Hi all, sorry about bothering with this again! In version 6 the function genLibrary has been rewritten. I'm no programmer (unfortunately), and all my efforts to have the artists sorted by "artistsort" by making changes to the new playerlib.php have miserably failed. (I simply tried "'artist' => ($flatData['ArtistSort'] ? $flatData['ArtistSort'] : $flatData['Artist'] ? $flatData['Artist'] :'Unknown')" It had no effect.). Is there a hack to achieve this?

Alternatively, it would be interesting to know how other users deal with sorting. Do you use the AlbumArtistSort field? Do you simply sort by first name?
The ArtistSort, AlbumSort and AlbumArtistSort tags have not been implemented in the Library loader or renderer. To do this requires a fair amount of coding in multiple modules, not just a simple hack.
Hi Tim,

do you ever take a day off? ;-) Thanks a lot for answering so fast!

Too bad, I liked the possibility to sort the artists independently from the "artist" field. I guess I will have to learn the composers first names. Or, which is more likely, change my "artistsort" fields to "artist". Is sorting by last name a very German thing?
perhaps the naming convention is based on last name first...?

I recall many years ago a school class roll being called by the teacher....last name followed by first name....
We had an unfortunate, but a wit, so when called...

Pope.     John

His reply was never "Present Sir !" but always...

"Bless you my son"
"Mediocrity is achievable. This may explain it's popularity." 
This convention may be one reason! I like the example! ;-)

Now I have a new question in this context: Moodeaudio (I have upgraded to the latest version) sorts the artists by the field "albumartist", not "artist". Same thing goes for the album view, which says "ALBUMS BY ARTIST", but actually sorts by "albumartist". Did I get something wrong here?
The Library loader assumes a collection is tagged using the following common conventions:

1. For non-compilation albums the Artist and AlbumArtist tags have the same value.
2. For compilation albums the AlbumArtist tag has the value "Various Artists" or any other value as long as it's consistent. This value can be specified in the Library Options screen.

The loader groups and sorts using the AlbumArtist tag if it's populated otherwise it uses the Artist tag. This coupled with #2 above is how compilation albums are automatically rolled up.
This makes perfect sense to me with regard to the "Albums by Artist" view. Concerning the "Artists" column I find it strange. For collections, "Various Artists" is a good solution in the album view, but in the artist column I expect the single artists to show up, not the album artist. How else would I, for instance, find all the compositions by Monteverdi, regardless if they are on a collection or an album with Monteverdi compositions alone. This used to be possible in moOde 5 (and probably earlier too).

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