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Sound Quality in release 4.1
RT or LL ? IMHO it depends on the configuration. I preferred LL Kernel with pi3-usb-waveio-i2s-buffalo DAC and RT kernel with Pi3-i2s-Dac + Pro.
I would like to offer my humble 2c to the thread. I have pointed out that the 4.1 was not as clear as the 3.8. While music is mostly subjective, i have excellent ears and i did it with blind testing. 3.8 won every time (with rt i think. I remember switching between ll ant rt several times, the difference was not huge. But both were much more detailed than 4.1.
Tim contradicted my opinion back then (as is his right, nothing wrong with that) and I switched back to 3.8, coming back to the forum to see if something changed. So, I am really happy other people think the same.
My setup is rpi 2, hifiberry dec+, m-audio m3-8 active monitors

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