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Picture of artist
It could be for the upcoming r650 release but I haven't had the time to figure out an implementation. The feature looks to be complex. Maybe someone could suggest how to implement ??

How are the images obtained?
Where on the UI should they be displayed?
(02-29-2020, 08:52 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: How are the images obtained?
Where on the UI should they be displayed?

Well I have two different ideas to implement that :

1/ The picture is display in the Library when selecting an artist
(I.E see screenshot) Here I select Lana Del Rey (but I don't select any album of her)
The artist picture is shown replacing the Moode cover and if I click on it I'm allowed to run the whole discography (like it does now).

2/ Maybe the current Library Tab can be replace by 2 different tab
Where the behavior could be like the Radios Tab when you create Folder.

1 for Genre with a grid displaying different genres
When you click on a genre you entered in a new page showing Album of this sorted Genre

1 for Artist with a grid displaying all artist picture.
Three dots are shown on each picture to give you the option of playing the hole discography (replacing queue, add... as today)
When you click on an artist a new page is open with all artist album...

Or They works like the album grid when you click on "show tracks"
But here you click on "show album" the page is divided in 2 and in the bottom part you have all album thumbnails of the artist selected with the playing option

3/ Now for the sources, maybe moode can scan and look for a document called "artist.jpg" in each root artist folder

Library Folder >
  Artist 1 Folder >
       Album 1 Folder>
       Album 2 Folder>

Or in settings we can select a folder where picture are call by artist name I.E "Lana Del Rey.jpeg"

Library Folder>
  Artist 1 Folder >
      Album 1 Folder >
          Track 1.flac
Pictures Folder >
    Agnes Obel.jpg
    Lana Del Rey.jpg

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Or you might find one or more picture types embedded in APIC frames in an ID3 tagged track. 

From the ID3v2.3 / ID3v2.4 documentation:

Picture type

$00     Other
$01     32x32 pixels 'file icon' (PNG only)
$02     Other file icon
$03     Cover (front)
$04     Cover (back)
$05     Leaflet page
$06     Media (e.g. lable side of CD)
$07     Lead artist/lead performer/soloist
$08     Artist/performer
$09     Conductor
$0A     Band/Orchestra
$0B     Composer
$0C     Lyricist/text writer
$0D     Recording Location
$0E     During recording
$0F     During performance
$10     Movie/video screen capture
$11     A bright coloured fish
$12     Illustration
$13     Band/artist logotype
$14     Publisher/Studio logotype

Vorbis Comment documentation seems to suggest also using the APIC types.

In browsing my classical music collection, of course, composer takes precedence over artist. I'm pushing a rock up a hill on this one.


PS - I imagine the ID3 committee was thinking of Douglas Adams ("So long and thanks for all the fish") when they added Picture type $11.
For sure @a491765 idea #1 plus an artist.jpg or artist_name.jpg file in the Artist directory of an Artist/Album/Track structure would be feasible since we already have a model with the thumbnail cache for album covers.

It's not a trivial effort to implement tho and it requires user to manually populate the artist.jpg files but that could be a labor of love :-)
(03-01-2020, 02:52 AM)Tim Curtis Wrote: but that could be a labor of love :-)

Glad to see a bit of love in this brutal world ! Wink 

If a day idea 2 become a reality for you i can suggest you to give a try to the great LMS plugin "Music and Artist Information".
It does exactly the trick. Volumio in another hand do the same jobs but here artist picture are drop from internet and you are not able to personalize with yours.
I haven't installed LMS yet on my new iMac. Where does it get Artist picture?
(03-01-2020, 05:44 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: I haven't installed LMS yet on my new iMac. Where does it get Artist picture?

Well you have different choice, as shown on the screenshot of the settings page (in French) you can :

1/ Download picture during library update
2/ Download and cache cover from Internet
3/ Download artist picture from internet (maybe discog or deezer or lastfm not sure)
4/ Download picture only for principal artist, but not for composer...
5/ Save a missing.jpg (showing a default picture) file for artist with no result.

The plugin can donwload from internet, check artist root file, or check a dedicated folder.

See second picture for the result

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Thats impressive. I think we will have to do something simpler for moOde.
Sure ! You're the boss here  Big Grin

A simpler feature would be great anyway !

I admit guys do a good job on plugin, but i encountered several problems using LMS with pcp (maybe i should give a try with moode !)

Edit : OK just for fun i just install LMS on moode and play with squeezelite, maybe the best of the both world Smile
LMS/Squeeze is really nice, especially if you want multi-room synchronized audio :-)

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