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Terra Berry DAC 2+ Support
Hi everyone, I have a Terraberry DAC2+ attached to a Rp3b+ and I'd like to use it with Moode.
Is it supported? I can't see this model on configuration, is there a compatible model?

Actually I'm using Volumio 'cause it has this DAC available on setup options, but by forums feedbacks Moode seems to sound better...

Thanks in advance!

What I2S driver does the manufacture specify for the device?
'jonners' has one so if he is lurking he may let us know..?
Though from this link it seems to show HiFiBerry DAC being used as the driver in Volumio (it is a catchall used by several manufacturers...did I say piggybacking ?? :-)...) so try that in moOde....I think it will work...:-)
Yea, I lurk. :-)
I'm not using it atm, but I'm pretty sure that @DRONE7 is correct.
I thought it sounded best with PCM to DSD upsampling enabled, and separate power supplies to RPi and DAC.
Where (in Moode or outside) are you going from PCM to DSD? This might be good, particularly on an RPi4.

Thanks,    Skip
The AK4137 chip in the Terraberry DAC does the upsampling: See the link that DRONE7 gave in post #3.

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