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Idea: Touch screen spectrum analyzer
What a great player Moode is Smile I'm using it more than year and I love it.

It could be nice to add a spectrum analyzer as an option for Cover view. I have built in raspberry with sound card and 3,5 touch screen into an old CD player chassis. Displaying some nice spectrum analyzer animations on that small screen will definitely look good.

That would be cool.

If someone posts links to Open Source code that could be implemented in moOde I'll have a look :-)
Just came across this thread asking about a visualizer in the MPD Forum.

It's interesting that MaxK reacts negatively to the idea of basing a visualizer on MPD FIFO output (and makes a technical argument why not). This is the approach taken to connect to MPD in the CAVA project (Console-based Audio Visualizer for ALSA), which I found before I found the forum post.

Lots of projects out there involving an Ardunio driving an LED display.

It's only eye candy, but it's fun.

Adrian uses the CAVA project for his oled spectrum analyser....maybe that's a start ?

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