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Spotify Renderer
I just had an episode while trying to repro this issue.

moOde 5.3.1 on an RPi3B+ and current Spotify app on my iPad. All WiFi.

While upstairs away from the room my player is in, I opened the Spotify app, chose an album, and started playing it locally. I then selected the moOde player in "Connect to a device". The iPad went silent as I expected. 

Closed the iPad (magnetic cover puts it to sleep) and went downstairs to find moOde was playing a track in its current playlist. Opened the iPad to find the Spotify app connection had reverted to "This iPad". I reconnected to the moOde player and I'm listening to the rest of the album now.

Nothing suggestive in the usual logs but I wasn't logging librespot. 

I thought for a moment the episode might be due to a sometimes flaky WiFi upstairs but once the Spotify playlist is communicated to moOde it will continue to play even with my iPad turned off.


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